1. Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are welcome on a leash and under the table. Dogs may not be fed at the table and drinking bowls are available outside. Dogs are not allowed on the playground or in the mini-golf course. Families with small children will be grateful for the respect of hygiene.

2. Why can we only make restaurant reservations 2 days in advance? And from what time?
We are waiting for the weather forecast, if the weather is nice we will serve outside. You can call from 9am onwards and you will certainly have room, as this applies to everyone.

3. How can I make a reservation?
Reservations can only be made by telephone. The number of people who have made a reservation are supposed to choose a dish from the restaurant menu (so also the children).
You can choose between the following hours (2 shifts):
- Afternoon arrivals between 12h00 -12h30 and 13h30-14h00
- Evening arrival between 18h00-18h30 or 20h00-20h30
We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes and if you are late, please inform us by telephone.

4. Why can't we make reservations for the tearoom (waffles & pancakes)?
Because this is practically impossible due to the crowds and if you wait a while, tables are constantly freed up.

5. Can we create a menu in advance?
No, everything is passed on to the waiter on the day itself.

6. Can we choose a table?
You can only choose a terrace or a room, but not specifically a table. This is assigned by us according to the reservations.

7. Do you accept groups?
Up to 25 people it is a normal reservation (so max 2 days in advance and only for the restaurant). Groups of 25 people or more can only visit the restaurant during the off-season and not on a weekend. That means April, May, June, September during the week. It is not possible to hire rooms.

8. Can we order plates of chips for the children?
No, we only serve children's dishes with chips included. We have classic dishes such as children's steak, chicken fillet, fish sticks,... but no bitterballen, spaghetti, croque monsieur, frikandellen,...

9. Why can't we just come and play?
Because the playground is free and is paid for by what you consume in the restaurant or the tearoom. Leaving children unaccompanied is also not allowed for safety reasons.

10. Why can't we all sit together at one table?
We try to seat as many people as possible and need all the tables. So if there are 2 of you, for example, we ask you to take a table of 2 and sit across each other.

11. Is there a car park?
Yes, but it is only available for the duration of your visit to our establishment. If full, you can park on the street (paying parking meter at the meadow side)

12. Do you also serve breakfast or brunch?
No, we are only open from 12:00 for the restaurant.

13. Do you have an allergen chart?
Yes, you can ask the waiter.

14. Can we ask for a dish off the menu?
No, due to the size of the business, we cannot deviate from our menu.

15. It's someone's birthday and we want a surprise for dessert. Is that possible?
You can ask the waiter you are ordering to decorate a waffle.

16. Can we pay separately?
There is one account per table.

17. Can we pay by credit card?
We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Bancontact.

18. Do you have a gift voucher?
Yes, you can buy these at reception.

19. Is the shop accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, and there is also an adapted toilet.

20. Are pushchairs allowed?
Yes, but they must be placed in the buggy parking area by the playground. If the pram does have to be parked at the table, please do not place it in the middle of the aisle, as it must not obstruct service.
Exceptions are the pergola, where a buggy cannot be placed under any circumstances, due to lack of space and for the safety of the baby. We ask to place the baby in a maxi cosi on a chair or in a high chair.
Bicycle trailers (e.g. Croozer) are not allowed in our shop.

21. Can we change our baby and warm up the porridge bottle?
Yes, we have a changing pad in the toilet and there is also a microwave available.

22. From what age is the outdoor playground accessible?
The outdoor playground from 4 to 14 years. The baby playground from 2 to 4 years. The outdoor playground is always open when the shop is open (whatever the weather). For safety reasons, children are required to keep their shoes on during their visit. The indoor playground is for children from 2 to 6 years old and is only open when it rains. For this reason shoes must be taken off.

For further information, please visit our website.